Do Private Insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions?

I want to focus on how private insurance plans view “pre-existing conditions”. First, let me explain what this term means. Pre-existing conditions are considered ailments or health conditions that a patient is told by a doctor before they ever applied for health insurance. In most states, pre-existing conditions that are not disclosed on private insurance applications are denied coverage for 12 months since starting the plan. However, any pre-existing condition that is disclosed on the application AND accepted by insurance is a covered claim from day one of coverage. The 12-month pre-existing clause is meant to prevent people from trying to commit insurance fraud without being fully truthful with the insurance company. For example, someone that is uninsured that breaks their arm should absolutely apply for Obamacare insurance due to the pre-existing clause on private insurance plans. The cost savings you get with private insurance is due to the fact that only those that are medically stable with no pending surgeries or unstable health conditions are approved onto the plan. This is a very common question that people have for me, “what’s the point of having insurance if it doesn’t work for 12 months?”. My answer, “Is there anything that you have been told by a doctor or know right now you will need the insurance to pay for?” The answer back is usually no, which means that the unforeseen events like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer would be covered from day one since they did not EXIST at the time of application and approval. The term “exist” means that the insured knew about the ailment prior to applying for the coverage. I hope this helps clear up some confusion, but if not feel free to text me or email me any specific pre-existing conditions that you are wanting to know exactly your options. Thanks guys!

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