Traveling and have questions on your Health Insurance?

I often get asked about health insurance coverage for out of state or outside of country, so I wanted to make a post to educate those that are interested! Here we go!

Let’s start with traveling out of state but staying within the United States. If you are on a PPO plan, you most likely have nationwide coverage. This means that you have the same level of coverage out of state as you do in state. If you have an HMO or EPO plan, you are likely only covered for emergency services.

Next up, traveling outside the country. I recommend picking up a traveler’s policy if you are gone for more than 30 days OR if you have an HMO or EPO plan. HMO and EPO plans have NO out of network coverage. This means that if you travel out of the country, you are not protected and will require some other coverage. If you have a PPO plan, it depends. Some PPO plans cover you outside the country for 30 days, but it does depend on each policy. This is always why I will recommend a traveler’s policy. I do not directly write travelers policies; however I have numerous referral partners I would be happy to connect you with.

Do you have specific questions regarding your unique situation? Reach out and I would love to help solve your concerns! That is all I have for you today 😊

~Jack Halverson

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