What is Cobra Health Insurance?

In this post, I want to focus on Cobra Health Insurance. As most of you are aware, when you leave a job position, your employer is required to continue your health coverage for 18 months after you leave your work (or potentially longer if you are disabled potentially). This is considered Cobra Health Insurance. Cobra is a great option to have because your health coverage does not change, i.e., you are able to utilize the same doctors/prescriptions/deductibles etc. However, the kicker with Cobra is the price.

Cobra Health Insurance can be quite expensive. This is because your previous employer will stop covering their portion of your premiums. Cobra is almost always the most expensive option, with a few exceptions. This increase in premium can be quite a shock for families. At this time, many families begin to look into more options. If your family is medically stable, other options could be a better coverage fit and save you money. If you aren’t medically stable, Cobra is usually the best option. However, you can’t continue cobra forever. As I said above, Cobra insurance will usually expire after 18 months. After it has expired, it is time to find a new, valuable, coverage plan. Reach out and I would love to help you with the process!

Do you have questions specifically about cobra? Comment below and I will do my absolute best to answer your questions!

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